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Body Rhythm Line Dance Club

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Local Socials/Classes

Bluegrass Line Dancers - www.bluegrasslinedancers.com

Bluegrass Line Dancers - Socials in Houghton Conquest and classes in Bletchley run by Kim Ray

Dance Dynamixs - 07795 552861

Dance Dynamixs - Socials and classes in Cotton End run by Barbie. No website at present. Contact as above.

Dance In Lines - www.danceinlinesluton.co.uk

Dance In Lines - Socials and Classes in Luton run by Carol and Ian Hailes

JB Country Western Dancing - www.jbwesterndance.co.uk

Jb Country Western Dancing - Partner dance classes and live band socials held in Westcott run by Brian and Julie

Karry On Dancing - 07905 479410

Karry On Dancing - Socials and classes in Stony Stratford run by Karen & Andy. No website at present. Contact as above.

Kathy's Line Dance Club - 01908-630518

Kathy's Line Dance Club - Classes in Bletchley run by Kathy Hulkes. No website at present. Contact as above or mobile 07799794071.

MK Divided - www.mkdivided.com

MK Divided Country Music Club - Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Hold fortnightly Live Band socials run by John & Trish

New Western Times - 01582-591053

New Western Times - Socials and classes in Luton run by Joan & Ollie. No website at present. Contact as above.

Phil The Floor Line Dancers - www.philthefloor.co.uk

Phil The Floor Line Dancers - Woburn Sands. Socials and classes run by Phil & Sue

Quickdraw LDC - www.quickdraw-ldc.co.uk

Quickdraw Line Dance Club - Socials and classes in Corby run by Charlie

Step In Line - 01908-641069

Step In Time - classes in Heath & Reach, also in Linslade run by Lyn Bass. No website at present. Contact as above or mobile 07960952391.

Strictlylinedancers - www.strictlylinedancers.co.uk

Strictly Linedancers - Bletchley, Milton Keynes. Socials in Wavendon and classes in Bletchley run by Adrian

Strutting Stars - 07721 420176

Strutting Stars - Socials and classes in Bletchley run by Jan. No website at present. Contact as above.

Other Socials/Classes

Big Dave - www.bigdavegastap.com/

Big Dave Gastap. Dance Reviews and recommendationsby Big Dave

Bill Bader Linedance Website - www.billbader.com/

Bill Badder. Well know Line Dance teacher and Choregrapher.

Bute Linedance Festival - www.butelinedance.co.uk/

Bute Linedance Fesitval, Scotland's number one linedance event.

Caroliners Dancing -www.carolinersdancing.co.uk

Caroliners Dancing. Rehill, Surrey

Crystal Cats -www.crystalcats.biz

Cystal Cats Club at Northampton & Kingsthorpe and Wellingborough

Western Avenue -www.westernavecmc.com

Western Avenue Country Music Club, held at the Royal British Legion in Greenford, Middlesex

Info Sites

All British Country - www.allbritishcountry.co.uk

Club info and more

ARJJAZE - www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk

Country and Western Dancers Diane and Robert Jackson, info, Scripts and much more

Copperknob - www.copperknob.co.uk

Search for Step sheets, with demo video links and Copperknobs top 10.

Kickit - www.kickit.to/ld

Search for dance scripts and survey results

Linedancer Forum - www.linedancerforum.editboard.com/

Linedancer Forum. Chat to like minded Line Dancers on this new forum site. 

Linedancer Links - www.doublecountry.fsnet.co.uk/

Lindedancing Links. Charts reviews, step sheets,partner dancing etc.

World Linedance Newsletter - www.worldlinedancenewsletter.com

World Line Dance Newsletter and weekly teaching survey


Cross Country Magazine - www.crosscountrymagazine.co.uk/

Cross Country - News, Reviews, Gig Guides and much more

Linedancer Magazine - www.linedancermagazine.com/

Linedancer Magazine - Scripts, Dance Charts and much more

Up Country Magazine - www.upcountrymagazine.co.uk/

Up Country Magazine - Scripts, News, Reviews, Gig Guides and much more


Gaye Teather - www.gayeteather.com

Gaye Teather

Jo Thompson - www.jothompson.com

Jo Thompson-Szymanski

Kate Sala - www.katesala.net

Kate Sala

Bluegrass Line Dancers - www.bluegrasslinedancers.com

Kim Ray

Maggie Gallagher - www.maggieg.co.uk

Maggie Gallagher

Rachael McEnaney - www.dancewithrachael.com

Rachael McEnaney

Rob Fowler - www.robfowlerdance.com

Rob Fowler

Robbie McGowan Hickie - www.robbiemh.co.uk

Robbie McGowan Hickie

The Dance Factory - www.thedancefactoryuk.co.uk

Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs.

Tina Argyle - www.tinaargyle.com

Tina Argyle.


Alan Gregory - www.alangregory.me.uk

Alan Gregory solo artist

Billy Curtis - www.billycurtis.com

Billy Curtis solo artist

Bob Keeley - www.bobkeeley.co.uk

Bob Keeley BCMA Solo Artist of the Year 2011

Cheyenne - www.cheyenneduo.com

Cheyenne Duo

Chris James - www.chrisjamesuk.com

Chris James solo artist

Chris Mezza - www.chrismezza.com

Chris Mezza solo artist

Daniel Berry - www.danielberrymusic.net

Daniel Berry solo artist

Fools Golds - www.foolsgold.webs.com

Fools Gold Duo

Henry Smith Band - www.henrysmithband.com

Henry Smith and his Country Dreams voted BCMA Band of The Year 2010 and Entertainer of The Year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

John Doherty - www.john-doherty.com

John Doherty solo singer & guitarist from Nottingham

Kay D - www.kaydcountry.co.uk

Kay D solo artist

Lass Vegas - www.marialeei5.wix.com/lassvegasduouk

Lass Vegas Duo with Rob Childs and Maria Lee

Martin Jaye - www.martinjaye.co.uk

Martin Jaye solo artist based in Kent

Natalie - www.natsmusic.co.uk

Natalie Thurlow solo artist

Paul Bailey - www.paulbaileymusic.co.uk

Paul Bailey solo artist

Paul Taylor - www.paultaylorcountrymusic.co.uk

Paul Taylor solo artist

Rob Childs - www.robchilds.biz

Rob Childs solo artist - Lass Vegas duo with Marie Saunders - Countryville Trio with Maria Saunders and Scott Newstead or a Band with the addition of Nadine Somers

Richard Palmer - http://homepage.ntlworld.com/christopher.palmer87

Richard Palmer solo artist

Sammi Lee Bassey - www.sammileebassey.com

Sammi Lee Bassey solo artist

Streamline - www.weston-streamline.co.uk

Duo Paul & Debbie Western

Steve Lovett - www.stevelovett.co.uk

Steve Lovett solo artist

Tara Henton - www.tarahenton.com

Tara Henton solo artist

Taylor'd Country -www.taylordcountry.info

Keeping It Country With Taylor'd Country - Milton Keynes

Texas Tornados -www.texastornados.co.uk

Texas Tornados Trio with Pete Stothard, Stuart Payne & Roger McKew

The Thrillbillies - www.thrillbillies.co.uk

The Thrillbillies - Ed and Dave

The Westons - www.weston-streamline.co.uk

The Westons. Trio of Westons. Cliff, Paul & Debbie

Tim McKay - www.timmckay.co.uk

Tim McKay solo artist

Tony Crooks - www.tonycrooks.co.uk

Tony Crooks solo artist

Trey Jackson - www.treyjacksonmusic.co.uk

Trey Jackson solo artist

Other Sites

Chelsea Artists - www.chelsea-artistes.co.uk/

Chelsea Artists - Booking Agent for Bands and much more

Multi Map - www.multimap.com

Multi Map. You need never get lost again and be unable to find your nearest line dance class or social event!!

Pepper's Country Disco - www.djpepper.homstead.com/

Pepper's Country Disco. Visit Dave and listen to his new Country Radio Show. If you love country you'll love "Play Country".

Sourthern Swing Clothing - www.facebook.com/SouthernSwing/

Souther Swing Clothing. Ruth attends many Line Dance and Country events with her stall full of all sorts of clothing, shoes, jewellery etc

Sylvan Entertainments - www.sylvanentertainments.com/

Sylvan Entertainments - Booking Agent for Bands and much more

You Tube - www.youtube.com/

Search You Tube for dance demos and much more

For further information
Tel: Bev on 01908-649604 or 07817836709
Or email me through the contact page.

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